Bloodline Tattoo Ink 14 Color Set

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Bloodline Tattoo Ink 14 Color Set



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Product Description

Bloodline Tattoo Ink 14 Color Set Description

Bloodline 14 best selling tattoo ink colors in one convenient tattoo color kit.   The Bloodline ink colors have excellent light fastness, go into the skin easily and heal very well.

The following colors are included:

1 oz. bottles.

  • All Purpose White
  • Bellbottom Blue
  • Blisterine
  • Candy Apple Red
  • Dolemite
  • Marz
  • Navy Blue
  • Razberry Creem
  • Red Hot
  • Ripple
  • San Brownadino
  • Sassygrass
  • SRV Teal 2 (new name: Teal Medium Dark)
  • Tastywaves 

* Note:  If original colors noted above in this set are not available at the time of order placed, then the Similar color/in same Color Wheel will be some colors are subject to change depending on stock on hand/or new color replacement/name change by manufacturer.


Model: sc_14_set Brand: Skin Candy

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