Bloodline Tattoo Ink 21 Color Set

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Bloodline Tattoo Ink 21 Color Set



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Product Description

Bloodline Tattoo Ink 21 Color Set Description

The Bloodline 21 Color Tattoo Ink Set offers a great variety of colors at a competitive price.  The Bloodline ink colors are used by many of the world's top tattoo artists.  These tattoo inks feature excellent lightfastness, high pigment load and a perfect dispersion making them fly into the skin.  They remain bright and bold and heal very well.

The tattoo ink colors of the 21 set are:

  • All Purpose Black
  • All Purpose White
  • Traditional Flesh
  • Bellbottom Blue
  • Blood Orange
  • Canary Yellow
  • Candy Lime
  • Golden Yellow
  • Iris Mist
  • Morning Glory
  • Navy Blue
  • OKR
  • Razberry Creem
  • Red
  • San Brownadino
  • Sassygrass
  • Shipyard
  • SRV Teal 2
  • Tastywaves 2
  • China Pink
  • Violet

Available in 1oz. bottles ONLY. 
(Note: 2oz. bottles shown for picture only.)

*NOTE:  Some Colors in this set are subject to be replaced with Similar Bloodline colors  (not noted in original list above) if any end up being discontinued by the manufacturer or other.


Model: sc_21_color_set Brand: Skin Candy

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