Eternal Tattoo Ink Primary 7 Color Set

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Eternal Tattoo Ink Primary 7 Color Set



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Product Description

Eternal Tattoo Ink Primary 7 Color Set Description

The Eternal Tattoo Ink 7 Color Primary Set includes the following colors:

  • Blue Concentrate
  • Green Concentrate
  • Light Red
  • Lightning Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple Concentrate
  • White

This set is available in 1/2oz, 1oz. and 2oz. bottle sizes.


Note:  If any original colors noted above in this set are not available at the time of order placed, then the Similar color/in same Color Wheel of a similar primary color, in this same brand will be some colors are subject to change depending on stock on hand/a discontinued size color/or new color replacement by the manufacturer.


Model: eternal_primary_set Brand: Eternal Tattoo Ink

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