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Product Description

Hush Anesthetic Gel Description

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Gel is a clear, non-oily gel that helps relieve pain associated with tattooing, tattoo removal, and body piercing by 80-90%. HUSH Gel is specially formulated to be used before a tattoo procedure and is safe for use in all areas of the body. It has a unique blend of botanical extracts including aloe, which helps reduce skin inflammation and redness during and after a procedure. HUSH Gel does not affect any color ink, promotes great healing, and is safe on sensitive skin. Vegan. Available in 2 oz size.


Note:  Hush recently changed the color of their bottle packaging from Black to White, so if you still get the Black color bottle from stock don't fret, as it is the SAME authentic Hush product.



Model: HUS-AG

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Hush Anesthetic Gel