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Tuesday 06 May, 2014

Placed my first order on Thursday night order came by Saturday morning it made my day! When I opened the box I was pleased to see that everything was individually and professionally packed. I got some ink needles and green soap. Ink looks great and the needles are some of the best I've seen I've yet to use them I got the pre made needles that come with the disposable tubes. They're made in China but are certified. There was a personal thank u note in the box which was pleasant to see. I called the number because I had a questions about a product and my call got answered right away. There was no automated service hassle. Thanks joker for you're amazing service. Can't wait to order more !!
Testimonial By: Joanna — Ca, USA

great job

Friday 02 May, 2014

Thank you very much for your expert customer service and shipping.Received my ink very fast and packaged the right way. Cant believe your shipping is faster than some of supply stores right here in my own state.Great job guys and gals.
Testimonial By: Daniel Finch — florida


Wednesday 30 April, 2014

WOW what amazing delivery time! So satisfied with the products and service that this company will be my #1 supplier.
Testimonial By: Gail Sarette


Monday 03 March, 2014

Very fast shipping. Product was packaged great. Very satisfied. Will do business with you guys&gals again.
Testimonial By: Jordan Roberts

Great Service

Tuesday 07 January, 2014

I received my first order today from Joker Tattoo and I have to say it arrived faster than expected and everything was packed with care (unlike some suppliers that just throw your stuff in). Even had a handwritten thank you on my order slip in the box. I will be ordering here again soon. Thanks Joker Tattoo!
Testimonial By: Keri B.

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