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Product Description

StarBrite Lunar Graywash Set Description

Lunar Graywash Set

Starbrite Lunar Graywash Set Mixed By Sam Chacon 
Light Moon - This shade is the lightest of the Lunar Graywash colors. It is best used to map out and fill in the lighter areas; it is the most subtle gray of the Lunar Series.

Quarter Moon - This color is a little darker than the light moon, giving it a light to medium gradient effect. It is great for light saturation as well as smoothing edges and will get you that nice soft shadow for filling in open spaces.

Half Moon - This medium gray tone is a step up from Light and Quarter Moon in the Lunar series. Perfect for transitioning into lighter or darker shades while being able to create any contrast you may need. 

Dark Moon - This is the darkest shade of graywash in the Lunar Series. It is an enriched tone blended with careful precision to achieve a deeper gray almost black appearance on the skin. This color is great for lining and creating smooth saturation in darker areas.

Brite White - Use this color to make a light wash effect on any of the 4 graywash shades.


Model: SB 5 Color Lunar Graywash Set Brand: StarBrite Tattoo Ink

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