New Products

Model: big-5-color-set
Price: $49.00

The Big Sleeps complete line of greywash inks including Casper White, Pelican Bay Black, Ghostline 1, Ghostline 2, and Ghostline 3. Currently ... more info

Model: big-killer-bee-black
Price: $11.50

Big Sleeps Bumble Bee Black is a deep black tattoo ink that stays black in the skin. Easy to apply and heals well. Currently available in 1oz. bottle.
Stencil Serum Freehand Stencil Ink


Model: stencil-serum
Price: $22.00

Stencil Serum was formulated to allow tattoo artists to create elaborate hand-painted tattoo stencils. For best results apply one of the following ... more info
Tattoo InkJet Stencil Printing Service


Model: stencil-printing-service
Price: $10.00

We now offer a Tattoo Stencil Printing Service. If you'd like to have your stencil design printed on our Epson EcoTank printer using the InkJet ... more info
Wireless Battery Power Supply


Model: RCA-battery-power-supply
Price: $65.00

Wireless, battery powered tattoo machine power supply with RCA. This unit has 5 voltage settings. Each setting can be reached by pressing the button ... more info
StarBrite Tattoo Ink 25 Color Essential Set #3


Model: SB 25 Color Essential Set 3
Manufacturer: StarBrite Tattoo Ink

Price: $118.12

The StarBrite 25 Color Essential Set #3 features the following colors: Starbrite Essential 25 Ink Set 3 Includes:  Army Green, Black ... more info
StarBrite Tattoo Ink 10 Color Floral Set


Model: SB 10 Color Floral Set
Manufacturer: StarBrite Tattoo Ink

Price: $47.25

The StarBrite 10 Color Floral Set is a must if you create floral tattoos or just love vibrant, popping tattoo ink colors. This set was mixed by ... more info
Pacon Tracing Paper 1 Ream 500 Sheets


Model: pacon-1-ream-paper
Price: $25.00

1 Ream of Pacon 8.5" x 11" tracing paper. 500x sheets to a ream.   *NOTE: Pre-Order, This item from our 2nd incoming shipment will ... more info
InkJet Stencil, Stencil Prep, Tracing Paper Combo


Model: inkjet-stencil-prep-paper-combo
Price: $210.00

This package includes: 1 - 4oz Bottle of InkJet Stencil Ink 1 - 8oz. Spray Bottle of Stencil Prep 2 Reams of Pacon Tracing Paper 8.5" x 11" ... more info
Stencil Prep Solution 8 oz. Bottle


Model: stencil-prep-8oz
Price: $10.00

8 oz spray bottle of Stencil-prep solution for stencils that won't rub off. Patented and Made in the USA.  
InkJet Stencils Ink 4oz Bottle


Model: inkjet-stencils-4oz-bottle
Price: $150.00

One 4 oz bottle of patented methyl violet formula for printing InkJet Stencils. 4 ounces will print approximately 3,000 stencils.  
Epson EcoTank Tattoo Stencil Printer Combo Package


Model: epson-inkjet-stencil-combo
Price: $560.00

Everything you need to get your tattoo shop up and running with the most up to date stencil making products in one easy to order package. We ... more info