New Products

Bronc X2 Tattoo Machine


Model: bro-x2-machine
Price: $398.00

BRONC X2 Adjustable Wireless Pen Tattoo Machine Exterior Features Ultra-Large IPS Display : Enjoy a high-definition, ultra-large color display with ... more info
Cobra Tattoo Machine


Model: ink-cobra
Price: $1,182.00

Introducing the Cobra Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine, a pinnacle of sophistication and performance in the world of tattooing. This innovative machine ... more info
Trox Tattoo Machine


Model: ink-trox-machine
Price: $328.00

Introducing the Trox Tattoo Machine, a state-of-the-art rotary-style device meticulously engineered to seamlessly pair with standard cartridge tattoo ... more info
Prick Tattoo Machine


Model: ink-prick-machine
Price: $368.00

Introducing the Prick Tattoo Machine, a cutting-edge rotary-style device designed for seamless compatibility with standard cartridge tattoo needles. ... more info
Dynamic 00 Mixing Solution


Manufacturer: Dynamic Tattoo Ink

Price: $10.00

Dynamic 00 Mixing Solution is the perfect companion product to mix and thin down Dynamic Inks to create different washes. We use the purest ... more info
Tongue Depressors - Ointment Applicators


Price: $15.00

These wooden tongue depressors are made of high-quality natural birch wood that delivers a smooth, comfortable sensation. 6-inch spatulas feature ... more info
Disposable Tattoo Chair Covers


Model: STA-PCFC01
Price: $45.00

Disposable chair covers for your tattoo bed. Keep things sanitary for you and your clients by utilizing our disposable chair covers. There are 125 ... more info
Dynamic Tattoo Ink Traditional Set


Model: DYN-Traditional-Set
Manufacturer: Dynamic Tattoo Ink

Price: $55.00

This 1oz Dynamic color set includes a solid grouping of traditional colors. This set includes a 1oz bottle of each: Black, Canary Yellow, Blue, ... more info
Dynamic Greywash 4oz. Bottle Set


Model: DYN-greywash-set
Manufacturer: Dynamic Tattoo Ink

Price: $75.00

After years and years of you asking, we have finally produced a Dynamic Grey Wash Set blended from our tried & true original black formula. The ... more info
Dynamic Triple White Tattoo Ink


Model: DYN-Triple-White
Price: $12.25

Our new Dynamic Triple White is the perfect mixture of our Mixing White and Heavy White. The creamy consistency is perfect for laying in white ... more info

Model: rev-full-set
Manufacturer: Revolution Tattoo Inks

Price: $610.00

Revolution Tattoo Ink Full set. This sixty-color set includes the complete line of Revolution Tattoo Inks in 1oz. bottles. The included colors are: ... more info

Model: rev-painters-palette-set
Manufacturer: Revolution Tattoo Inks

Price: $95.00

Revolution Tattoo Ink Painters Palette Set. This tattoo ink set features the following colors available in 1oz. bottles: Blue Concentrate Dark Olive ... more info