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Product Description

Phantom Black Latex Gloves Description

Black Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves are the ultimate choice for individuals who demand uncompromising quality in hand care protection. They are the preferred choice for tattoo body art and high-end salon professionals because their distinct color stands out and mask stains, inks and dyes during use.

NOTE: To see the durability of these gloves, click the "product video" tab above.


  • Lowest allowable protein claim by the FDA (equal or less than 50µg/ dm2 of glove surface)
  • Powder-free minimizes the risk of developing latex protein or chemical residue related allergies
  • Eliminates powder related contamination
  • Fully textured surface provides superior grip in wet or dry applications
  • Smooth interior finish for easy donning and comfortable wear.
  • 5 Mil Thickness

* NO Returns/Exchanges of any Gloves due to Covid-19.

To All Our Valued Customers; We would like to touch base about the pricing on gloves. Unfortunately, the pricing of gloves continues to increase across the nation. We continuously receive price increases from companies that state the cost of the materials to produce gloves has increased tremendously which is causing these constant price inclines. Which in return, forces us to increase our retail prices on gloves to cover the cost of our purchases so we can turn around to purchase more supply. We are constantly looking at other companies to find more cost-effective pricing for you all. We are hoping that once this pandemic subsides, the cost of the material will drop back to normal in which we can return back to normal pricing. We appreciate all our customers and your support during these trying times!


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