Bloodline Tattoo Ink

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Bloodline Tattoo inks are professional grade tattoo inks.  All Bloodline Tattoo Ink is pre-dispersed base providing easy entry and even distribution into the skin. Many of the top tattoo artists (Chris Garver, Rick Walters, Clay Decker, Eddie Deutsche, Nate Kostecheko, Juan Puente, Tennessee Dave, Baba, Sung, Danny Dringenberg) around the world rely on the powerful, bold colors Bloodline provides. With a large selection of tattoo ink to choose from, Bloodline Tattoo Ink is sure to be a great choice no matter what your next tattoo design entails. Joker Tattoo offers the complete line of the new and improved Bloodline Ink at the best prices. . Joker Tattoo Supply is an authorized distributor of Bloodline Tattoo Inks.