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Product Description

Tattoo Kit Level 3 Description

Tattoo Kit Level 3 is a great deal for your next tattoo kit. These are all high quality products you are sure to use. This tattoo kit includes 1 Tattoo Machine which can be tuned as either a Liner or a Shader, a dual machine digital power supply, a Foot Pedal, a Clip Cord, a 5-Pack of Tattoo Needles, a 5-Pack of Disposable Tubes with comfortable rubber grips, a Bottle of "Katana OR a Kabuki” 4oz. bottle of the best black tattoo ink, a 100-Pack of Rubber Bands, a 50-Pack of Nipples/Grommets, a 50-pack of O-Rings, a 100-Pack of small (8mm) Ink Cups, a FREE Flash CD Tattoo Lettering guide with 5 sheets of popular fonts.

This Tattoo Kit Features

  • 1 Tattoo Machine (Can be tuned as a Liner or Shader)
  • Dual Machine Digital Power Supply
  • Foot Pedal
  • Clip Cord
  • 5-Pack of Tattoo Needles
  • 5-Pack of Disposable Tubes with comfortable rubber grips
  • 4oz. Bottle of Katana OR a Kabuki Black Outlining Ink (based on stock at time of order placed)
  • 100-Pack of Rubber Bands
  • 50-Pack of Nipples/Grommets
  • 50-Pack of O-Rings
  • 100-Pack of Small Ink Cups
  • FREE Tattoo Flash Lettering Set Series 1 CD

note: the type and/or color of foot pedal & clip cord sent with kit may vary depending on stock. A Katana Or a Kabuki 4oz black ink depending on stock will be sent. 


Model: Tattoo Kit Level 3

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