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Trox Tattoo Machine
Trox Tattoo Machine



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Product Description

Trox Tattoo Machine Description

Introducing the Trox Tattoo Machine, a state-of-the-art rotary-style device meticulously engineered to seamlessly pair with standard cartridge tattoo needles. Crafted with precision and innovation, this machine empowers artists to achieve exceptional precision and performance, ensuring remarkable results with each tattoo session.

Forged from premium aviation-grade aluminum, the Trox Tattoo Machine offers durability and lightweight maneuverability, enabling artists to work with ease and confidence. Equipped with a custom coreless motor, this machine delivers robust yet smooth operation, capable of reaching impressive speeds to accommodate a variety of tattooing techniques.

Featuring adjustable stroke technology, the Trox Tattoo Machine provides artists with the flexibility to customize the stroke range from 2.4mm to 4.2mm, effortlessly adapting to different styles and preferences. With a wide voltage range of 4V to 12V, this machine offers versatility to meet individual needs, while its long-lasting 1600mAh battery capacity ensures extended usage time for uninterrupted tattoo sessions.

Product Specifications:

Size: 133mm x 40mm
Material: Aviation aluminum
Motor: Custom Coreless Motor
Stroke Range: 2.4mm - 4.2mm
Speed: Up to 120,000 RPM
Voltage: 4V - 12V
Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Usage Time: 4-6 hours
Weight: 275g
Elevate your tattooing experience with the Trox Tattoo Machine and unlock a new level of precision, efficiency, and creativity in your artwork.


Model: ink-trox-machine

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