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Product Description

Vegan Blue Cream Description

A key ingredient in Vegan Blue Cream is Turmeric Root, which has so many health benefits. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, not to mention it’s a vegan based product. It's great for your skin, not only tattoos. It aids in the tattoo healing process, and helps maintain healthy skin! Created by Nikko Hurtado. 4oz. Jar.

The main ingredient is: turmeric root, that promotes natural anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with vitamin rich Sunflower seed oil and antibacterial jojoba oil for a natural and animal product-free cream.

By using these premium ingredients ‘Nikko Hurtado’ has developed this leading product not just for the tattooing process but with the advantage of daily use on dry skin too.  A little bit of Vegan Blue goes a long way and will not melt off your hand or wipe your stencil away making it the perfect process cream too.


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